Unique Elopement Ideas [ that you don't have to hike to ]

Hey loves! Most of the time when you google "elopement ideas" you get all of these epic backdrops and hike suggestions, but not everyone likes that vibe. So just in case you want to elope, but you're not the hiking type, here are a few funky ideas to get your brain going.

Rent a Boat

We’ve all seen beach elopements, but let’s take it one step further and spend your wedding day out on the water! Recently I had the pleasure of planning and styling a small elopement on a pontoon boat and it was THE BEST DAY EVER! We rented the pontoon for the whole day from Lakeside Marina in Hickory, NC and their staff was SO amazing at helping us get situated and get everything we needed for our day out on the lake.

This particular boat had plenty of space and even a little indoor nook for the couple to change and put on finishing touches before their I Do’s. We cruised around for a while looking for the perfect backdrop for the ceremony and once we found it, we threw out the anchor and started the ceremony set up.

After the quick ceremony, our girls were able to enjoy the rest of the day with their guests that they chose to bring on the boat with a sound system, a few drinks and the rest of their lives ahead of them.

A few things to make sure you have when booking a boat elopement:

- Permission from the rental company to decorate

- A sober person who knows how to drive a boat safely

- Any permits you might need for a ceremony on the water

- A photographer who is comfortable shooting in tight spots

Roller Skating Rink

My 70s loving heart could hardly handle this disco themed elopement and I’ve been DYING for some future wedding clients to rent out a roller skating rink for their wedding day.

It would take some serious talent to skate down the aisle, but you could wait until after the ceremony to put those babies on. Disco balls, funky lights and all the retro goodness. After the ceremony, it’s time for everyone to lace up their skates (and maybe grab little walkers they provide if you’re more on the clumsy side) and crank up the music.

Questions to ask the skating rink when booking:

- Ask about liability requirements for your day

- Do they allow outside food and beverage?

- Can you decorate at all?

- Can you bring your own skates?

National Park Pull-Off

Don’t get me wrong, there are STUNNING photos that come from hiking into your elopement day, but not everyone loves to hike. This elopement took place right off the side of the road in Joshua Tree National Park showing you that you don’t have to go far for stunning views.

National Parks are such a beautiful, sacred space, so make sure if you’re choosing this option that you’re hyper-focused on keeping the local plant life and wildlife safe and untouched. One thing you will DEFINITELY need for eloping in a National Park are permits. Different parks require different permits, so head to this link and choose which park you’re wanting to elope in and you’ll find all the details you need! Your photographer often will help with this portion if they’re familiar with elopements!

What you’ll need for National Park Elopements

- Proper Permits

- General idea of ceremony location

- Sunrise + Sunset Times

- Trash bag for packing out anything you brought into the park with you

Any other funky ideas you guys have, just click below to inquire and we'll make your dream a reality!