Midwest raised | North Carolina Based

Wedding & Elopement Photographer

My name is Aja (pronounced like Asia) and I was born and raised in South Bend, IN. I moved to North Carolina about 6 years ago, and I've lived in the Hickory  area for almost 2 years after buying my first home! I'm a hopeless romantic and a type 2w3 enneagram which to you, means I care deeply about each and every detail you've put into planning your day and I will absolutely cry at some point. 

I live for the little things in life. I love hand written letters and getting cards in the mail, I love the smell of outside just before it rains and I love witnessing the little, every day interactions that make life so beautiful, like: a dad teaching his daughter to throw a baseball or a couple holding hands in the grocery store.

If i'm not behind the camera, I'm most likely getting my hands dirty with some kind of planting or yard work, loving on my animals or spending quality time with my husband. There's also probably a glass of wine nearby.

How we doin' so far? Can we be friends yet? 

Keep going, it gets better.

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 "did we just become best friends?" 

This is Alex.

He is the reason I love, love so much. We've known each other since elementary school and have been married 2 years. We had an intimate wedding in Las Vegas with 30 people, and it was the best decision we've ever made. His support is never ending, he puts up with my crazy ideas and day drinks with me on Sundays.

He is my best friend.

These are our animals

These boys are the reason I always show up with some sort of animal hair on me, hence the name, FUR and Lace. I love them with my whole entire heart and the unconditional love they show me is the most beautiful thing in the world.

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