North Carolina Backyard Wedding

Drew + Kaitlyn:

These two had already planned to get married in their back yard, but the guest list was much larger until our dear friend #COVID19 decided to ruin the fun. It's actually been quite amazing to see the once larger weddings being stripped down to these beautiful, intimate weddings filled with the things that matter most: best friends, family, love and in the Bolton’s case,@millerlite.⁣

As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, on the morning of @k.bolton827 and @d.bolton517‘s wedding: 80% chance of thunderstorms and rain for 7 hours straight. I drove through the rain an hour to their house, but I knew if there was one couple that wouldn’t mind some rain on their parade, it’s these two. ⁣

Ice buckets filled with MillerLite were placed at the ends of each row of seating and the show went on...and guess what, no rain. At all. Just a perfectly overcast day.⁣

Miss Rhode Island had it right, April 25th truly is thee perfect date.