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Clean and Classic Elopement

I know I talk about funky-ness and retro a lot… but I’m still a sucker for the classics. A sleek high ponytail with a beautiful fitted dress to compliment a classic black suit with a velvet bow tie is the perfect attire for a clean and classic wedding. Pair this stunning couple with muted blues and neutrals in a room full of sunshine and we’re in business. With a ceremony site just at the edge of the trees, nothing fancy, just the sound of nature surrounding them, these two read their vows being watched by a towering tree. Something about the simplicity and quiet love these two shared makes me want to edit all of them in black and white, but I won’t (yet). As the sun sank lower, we headed over to Jacks47 Dodge Mobile bar for drinks on tap and some epic blue hour portraits. Thank you to The Likha Workshop for designing this day!

Likha Workshop :

Hair + Makeup :

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