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Best Wedding Venues in Hickory, NC

I have been wanting to put this post together for a long time, and FINALLY feel like I have shot at enough venues to give am honest opinion on the best of the best. If you're looking for the perfect venue in the Hickory area, here are my favorites to photograph at!

The Nest at Steele’s Farm- The nest at Steele’s farm is BRAND spanking new and I have had the privilege of living just down the road from this gorgeous space and watching from afar each week as they roll out a new project. I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot a wedding here yet, but with the bright white and natural light flooding into their barn I’m dying to get in.

This spot is at the intersection of HWY 64 and HWY 127 making it easy access to Hickory, Statesville and surrounding towns for all of your guests to stay. My favorite thing about this venue is that while it IS a barn, the inside is all modernized with the most stunning bride and groom suites i’ve seen in a LONG time.

When I asked Donna, the venue owner, what her favorite part of the venue is, she said it was the pavilion where they host welcome drinks, cocktail hours and more, because it's different than most venues in the area. The thing that sets the Nest apart from other venues are the tiny personal touches. For each wedding, they put up photos of the couple all over, they have their favorite beverages and go above and beyond to be surprisingly personable.

Providence Cotton Mill- This venue makes me feel like I'm taken back to another, more elegant time in life. From their website, “Nestled on the outskirts of Maiden, NC, The Providence Cotton Mill gives you an old-world charm, with an inviting outdoor feel. Surrounded by green fields and a plush forest, the 130 year old, two story building features a soaring 30 ft. tall ceiling, allowing sunlight to stream in through the arched, open windows. The main hall is a 10,000 sq. ft. area, giving the ability to divide into ceremony and reception. “ The front of the mill has a faux greenery wall and huge double doors bringing a hint of modern in making it perfect for an outdoor ceremony or reception.

I’ve taken some of my favorite portraits ever at this venue. With the ever changing light and shadows falling across the interior, it provides so many opportunities for stunning photo ops. The staff is always so accommodating when I shoot there, which is incredibly important to make sure you have the support you need leading up to your big day.

Amity Creek Farms- If you’re looking for more of a traditional barn feel but don’t want to sacrifice lighting or aesthetics, look no further. The Amity Creek Farms open-air barn was handcrafted & designed with celebration details in mind, and it’s obvious. One of the owners, Joy Davis, is a fellow wedding photographer and it’s clear she put thought into the layout and aesthetics of the venue. It makes my job 1000 x's easier when I know the venue’s lighting is great and this is one of those venues.

From the open air barn, to the rolling hills of the ceremony site, to the stunning sunsets you get just down the lane, there isn’t much Amity Creek DOESN’T offer for our rustic lovers.

Uptown Indigo Shelby- Now this one is a bit more of a drive from Hickory, but trust me IT’S WORTH IT. If you’re over the barn scene and want something funky + more eclectic, RUN, don’t walk to Uptown Indigo Shelby. If there were a venue that checks all of my personal boxes, this would be the one.

Just a few things that this venue boasts:

Multiple locations for photos

Fun + Funky Styling

Impeccable attention to detail

Amazing Staff

Stunning Rooftop Sunset Views

I can’t say enough good things about this venue and their team and I can not wait to get back for another wedding!