my mission :to create experiences that light a fire within you, offer a safe space for vulnerability and reflect the magic in everyday life.  

Not your average photographer...

and I don't want to be.

When you book with me, you're not just hiring a photographer. I'm here for every meaningful detail, your parents tearing up when they see you dressed up for the first time, the ugly crying, the cake in the face and the unplanned magic that happens. I'm here to see you and your partner as you are, to see your special kind of weird and to cry right along with you. 

If you're looking for more posed and less candid, we're probably not the best fit together. If you're shopping around and looking for the cheapest option, probably not me either, and that's totally ok. Your photographer for your wedding day should be everything you've ever dreamed of and more.

I'm not there to tell you to look at me and smile, to press a button and leave or to make your photos fit my instagram feed. I'm there while you're getting ready, putting on your hype-up playlist. I'm there wrangling the drunk wedding party and helping them keep their shit together. I'm there right before your first look to make sure you look absolutely perfect (of course you do) before you go see your love on your wedding day. I'm there on the dance floor with you when your jam comes on. I'm there, right next to you, for all of it. And I'm definitely crying happy tears at some point. 

let's get the party started.


When you book with me, I want to make sure I know as many details about you both and your love before your wedding day as I can. Knowing both of you on a deeper level helps me connect to your love and capture the REAL you in your photos. 

To get this information we'll start with a Zoom call or in person meeting before we choose packages. Mix up some margs and let's get to know each other! Then after we've decided together what options fit best, I'll send over a detailed questionnaire for both of you to fill out, which helps me get to know you even more.

The final questionnaire I send happens 2 months out from the wedding and focuses on every possible detail of your day. This helps us to be on the same page, make sure we have all of the details covered (down to what playlist you want on when you're getting ready) and makes your day stress free, because guess what, I've got it covered.

My packages come with a complimentary engagement or bridal session and I highly recommend using them! These help us become closer before your wedding day and helps you and your partner feel more comfortable in front of the camera. 

Booking with me

and what to expect.

More questions on what working with me looks like? Head to my FAQ page!